Open tender notice on CPP tanks at OKYC


In view of current market demand, we have had several interested parties requesting for the availability of clean product tanks.

In order to provide fair opportunity to all our customers with an interest, we are looking to receive bids for the available storage facilities at OKYC as below.

The below storage tanks with detailed information are available from 1st September 2017 onwards.


Tank No.

Tank Capacity (cbm)

Max. Safety Capacity (cbm)





i) CPP tank (Middle & Light Distillates

ii) Aluminum Dome Roof

iii) Auto Gauging

iv) Internal Floating Roof

v) Cone-Down Shape Tanks









Please submit your firm offer as shown in the table below and the deadline for the submission is by 15:00PM on 24th, July 2017. (Singapore time)







Total required capacity (cbm) 




Lease Duration? 




Commencing lease date 

From 1st Sep 2017  To 



Storage Rate 

USD    / cbm / month 



Storing Goods   




For your references, please read through our standard conditions.


(1) Throughput Entitlement: 1 throughput entitlement * contracted capacity per month. No throughput carry-over from current month to subsequent month.

(2) Excess throughput Charges : USD 1.50 in excess of 1 throughput entitlement per every month.

(3) Circulation Charges : At the rate of USD 350 per hour per operation per tank

(4) Inter-Tank transfer Charge: USD 1.25 / cbm

(5) Ship-Jetty-Ship : Subject to operator agreement, at USD 1.50 per gross cbm for product transfer between the customer’s ships.

(6) Tank cleaning charge: at operator’s net cost. The estimated cleaning cost of each tank are as below.    

Tank No.

Dry Mopping Cleaning

Water Jet Cleaning

T-403 or T-404

KRW 13,750,000

(Approx. USD 12,600)

KRW 18,590,000

(Approx. USD 16,500)

(7) Term of payment: All invoices are payable without any deduction within 15 days after the end of each storage month. Invoicing shall be on monthly basis.

(8) Cargo loss : Permitted cargo loss factor shall be “0.3% / month during storage period. The permitted cargo loss factor shall be reviewed and mutually agreed for subsequent storage extension period.

(9) OKYC GT&C shall be applicable and any other terms & conditions to be mutually agreed by both parties.

(10) Validity of offer: 31st July 2017 Close of business (Singapore time)


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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